We are the leader in sales
of post-lease,
post debt collection equipment
and ex-fleet vehicles

European Remarketing Center

We specialize in sales support of post-leasing and post debt collection equipment as well as xs-fleet vehicles and long-term car rentals.We have been operating on the market since 2009.During this time, we have sold thousands of vehicles and other types of equipment. We have established cooperation with clients such as PKO Leasing, Societe Generale Equipment Finance, Pekao Leasing, Mercedes-Benz Leasing Polska, Millennium Leasing, Fraikin Polska, ING Lease and Santander Leasing.

ECR (in Polish Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu SP. z o. o.) is based on employees- experienced management staff with many years of experience in the remarketing industry and high-class IT specialists. As a result, we have created the most modern and secure online auction sales system in Poland.

Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu i - siedziba.


Our tools are based on the latest technologies and we care about their continuous development.
We blaze the paths in the online auction market and in the field of sales organization.
We constantly analyze the market situation, so our clients are always up to date.
We value people, which is why we willingly undertake actions based on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards.

Our Team

Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - Artur Kopania
Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - Przemysław Wałasz
Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - Mateusz Laska
Commercial Director
Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - Radosław Kopania
Chief Operating Officer
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Our team consists of employees with various competencies, skills and passions - together we achieve
ambitious goals set!
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
We are developing dynamically mainly thanks to the people who make up this company.
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
Zespół Europejskiego Centrum Remarketingu
A company with 100%
Polish capital

in numbers

Customers reference

Santander Leasing

We hereby inform that European Remarketing Center with headquarters in Komorniki, Lipowa 2 Street, has provided us with remarketing services in the field of post-leasing equipment.

The transactions were carried out in a professionalmanner. The partner’s actions resulted in effective and quick sale in accordance with our expectations. The way the sales process was conducted by our partner can be assessed as correct.

Based on our experience, we consider ECR to be a partner providing professional and reliable services.

PKO Leasing

European Remarketing Center is a company that introduced integrated remarketing solutions into the structures of PKO Leasing.

The tasks we entrusted to ECR:

– implementation of the inventory system – warehouse SOR system gathering various locations of depository facilities;
implementing comprehensive remarketing solutions
– auction sales platform (auction system);
– training of employees of the remarketing team;
– ongoing advice on remarketing;
– storing debt collection items …


Expressing our satisfaction with the cooperation with ECR
we confirm that the company is featured by high standards of operation.

ECR is characterized by high flexibility and transparency of offered services, which allows for maximization of achieved results. The overall course of our cooperation allows us to perceive ECR as a partner who fulfills his obligations towards his clients in an exemplary manner.

Considering the above, we recommend ECR with full responsibility as a trustworthy partner, providing its services professionally and reliably.

SG Equipment Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o.

SG Equipment Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o. cooperates with European Remarketing Center in the field of organizing auctions of post-lease equipment and in the IT sphere.

The whole sales process is transparent and clear, which naturally entails the quality of joint work. The employees of ECR have the “know-how” and extensive knowledge of remarketing of post-lease equipment.

The solutions we have implemented so far, our support in remarketing activities and efforts aimed at making the sales process more dynamic allow us to recommend ECR as a comprehensive business partner.

ING Lease

ING Lease (Polska) Sp. z o.o. is hereby pleased to announce that European Remarketing Center (“ECR”) has been an ING Lease remarketing partner continuously since 2015.. The scope of cooperation includes comprehensive support of the remarketing process of post-lease and post debt collection equipment. Our cooperation with ECR is exemplary – it allowed us to optimize the process related to the sale of post-leasing assets, while minimizing its costs to a minimum.

The actions taken by our remarketing partner are characterized by high efficiency and transparency of the entire process, which is why, with full responsibility, we can recommend ECR as a reliable and professional partner in the field of remarketing.

Pekao Leasing

We hereby confirm that PEKAO LEASING Sp. z o. o. has been cooperating with European Remarketing Center (Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu Sp. z o.o.) since February 2019.

The cooperation includes remarketing services such as: storage, conducting auctions, customer service, processing sales of post-lease and post debt collection equipment.

Services provided by European Remarketing Center are performed professionally and on time, which allows us to recommend it as a reliable business partner.

What customers

During 15 years, apart from a huge number of private clients, over 30 institutional clients have trusted us.
They appreciate us primarily for:
  • transparent sales processes,
  • integration with the AML system,
  • integration with the system,
  • Newest technologies,
  • full reporting of activities,
  • flexible cooperation models.

Our Offer

Our activity is based on two main areas

ECR takes over the management
sales process in the field agreed
with the client.
This means activities such as:
  • sharing the AfterLease tool
  • providing parking lots with full technical infrastructure, paved surface, fully fenced and monitored,
  • organization of the entire auction sale process,
  • sharing warehouse space
  • transportation services
  • repair services (so-called smart repairs)
  • completing documentation
  • finalizing the transaction (the stage between the end of the auction and the submission of the purchase invoice)
  • photo studio with carScanner technology
  • detailing studio
  • possibility for the buyer to leave the old vehicle in the settlement
  • possibility to purchase additional guarantees for the offered vehicles
AfterLease Box
AfterLease BOX combines the functions of auction modules and inventory management tools.
Its advantages are:
  • extensive storage system,
  • immediate location of secured equipment,
  • organizing the sale of all items regardless of their location,
  • real-time auction system,
  • possibility of integration with AML system,
  • possibility of integration with,
  • customization of auction site to client's visual identification,
  • Sales via client's own website,
  • Integration of internal data with the website,
  • automatic sending an offers to potentially interested customers,
  • Possibility to prepare a multilingual solution for all international branches of the company (global auction platform),
  • Management of vendor/user accounts,
  • intuitive management panel and user-friendly interface
  • connectivity via mobile protocols
AfterLease Cloud
AfterLease CLOUD is a tool for the ongoing organization of auctions on a customer's own website.
Its main features are:
  • creating an auction page in the domain,
  • possibility of integration with AML system,
  • possibility of integration with,
  • visual adjustment of the auction page to the appearance of client's own website,
  • presenting only the client's items,
  • full programming and traffic management services,
  • possibility to outsource system maintenance - filling in with content by ECR.

Through our auction systems, we sell everything:

from cars, production line, through agricultural harvester and gastronomic devices, to telephones and ophthalmic equipment

Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - sprzedamy wszystko Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - sprzedamy wszystko Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - sprzedamy wszystko Europejskie Centrum Remarketingu - sprzedamy wszystko

Our awards

Gazela E-biznesu 2018
Business Gazelle 2020 goes to… ECR!
In 2020, we were awarded the Business Gazelle by Puls Biznesu. Taking high places in the national and local ranking is our pride. We are glad that our hard work has been appreciated!
Gazela E-biznesu 2018
ECR is the Forbes Diamond 2020
The year 2020 also brought us the Forbes Diamonds award. In a list of companies with revenues from 5 to 50 million PLN , we took 1st place in the region and 10th place in Poland. Such successes are an additional motivation for continuous action!
Gazela E-biznesu 2018
e-Gazela Biznesu 2018 for ECR
In 2018, the European Remarketing Center was honored with the e-Gazela Biznesu award. This title is awarded to companies from the e-commerce industry for above-average growth dynamics in a given period.
Gazela E-biznesu 2018
ECR reaches for the e-Gazela Biznesu 2019
2019 is a continuation of the company's development. Repeating a success is more difficult than just winning, because you have to prove that the first prize is not a coincidence.
Gazela E-biznesu 2018
ECR is the winner of the Business Cheetah 2016
In 2016, we were awarded the Business Cheetah award. This award is given by the European Business Institute to the most dynamically developing companies. The evaluation is based solely on financial analysis.
Gazela E-biznesu 2018
ECR wins the Business Cheetah again - 2017
In 2017, the Business Cheetah was also won by ECR. Maintaining the level from the previous year not only became a fact, but also gave a signal for habitual development.

CSR Corporate

We believe in corporate social responsibility. We have decided to support charitable initiatives such as:
  • The Saving Kids With Cancer Foundation
  • The Noble Gift
  • Helping children from orphanages
  • Support of the WTH Wrocław team
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