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Anti-Money Laundering

AfterLease BOX software has been equipped with a very functional AML module, thanks to which it is possible to quickly, efficiently and fully automatically carry out the KYC (know your client) process. This module performs a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business profile (PKD available in REGON registers), checks whether it is on sanction lists, lists of countries with an increased risk of money laundering, PEP lists.

Kreator oświadczeń

Built-in Statement Creator

The system also has a built-in creator, thanks to which declarations, e.g. PEP are filled in. In addition, the following are conducted: register of conducted transactions and register of conducted analyses required by GIIF. When it comes to registers for the GIIF, the client has a search engine at his disposal, with the help of which, you can easily find any transaction for defined queries. This is a very practical way of archiving. Moreover, the AML module also prepares reports to GIIF and transaction cards.

Comprehensive customer and transaction analysis

System carries out a comprehensive analysis of the client, which allows to significantly minimize the risk. Each transaction, as well as its parties, is analyzed. The data provided by clients is verified thanks to automatic connection with the GUS CEIDG databases (API technology).

Real-time transaction analysis

The AML module continuously analyzes each transaction, its circumstances, as well as the entities involved in it. During this analysis, criteria concerning amounts are used along with the analysis of possibilities of dividing the payments into smaller amounts in order to avoid detection of fraud, deviations from the previous way of concluding transactions are taken into consideration.